Buy to let Insurance

Buy to let Insurance

If you are a landlord looking to insure your let properties then look no further, we're a broker specialising in buy to let insurance and provide instant online quotes from a large panel of insurance companies. Rather than having to contact many different insurers you can use our online system which will do the hard work of searching around for you, then you can decide which policy best meets your needs based on premium, excess and cover or call us and we can help advise you.

When arranging your buy to let insurance it is important to remember that you should insure the building for its rebuild value and not the sale price. The reason for this is that even if the worst was to occur and the whole property was destroyed, you would still own the actual land and such like.

There are several different things to consider when arranging your buy to let insurance such as which level of cover you require; whether it be standard or accidental damage. Sometimes we are able to provide discounts based on increased excesses so you may want to also consider this when insuring your buy to let house.

Whilst we can insure most properties in the UK, we specialise in properties located in the following areas:

The location of your property can have an effect on the premium you pay for your insurance, for example a buy to let property based in an area known for flooding may cost more to insure than a property high up on a hill with no history of flooding. Also the premium could be effected if the area is known to be a high risk area for:
  • burglaries
  • arson
  • general claims
Buy to let Insurance